Alsu (7951)

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Hello stallion. My name is Alsu. I am the owner of lush hips and long legs, which I will gladly put around your strong torso. My scent is captivating, it's hard to resist. With me you can be yourself, tell about your hottest fantasies. I will bring them to life, one and all, making your pleasure a priority. Contact me if you want to spend quality time.


  • 1 hour15000 rub
  • 2 hours30000 rub
  • 4 hours50000 rub
  • Night90000 rub
  • Day180000 rub
  • Meeting50000 rub


  • Cash
  • Card
  • bitcoin


  • Age19
  • Height167
  • Weight47
  • Bust2


Sex :

  • Classic Sex
  • Group sex
  • Blow job with condom
  • Blow job without condom
  • Deep blow job
  • Figure 69
  • Cunnilingus
  • Face ending

Striptease :

  • Pro striptease
  • Non pro striptease
  • Frank lesbians
  • Light lesbian-show

Massage :

  • Classic massage
  • Erotic massage

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